1. Thomas Drach

    2. creator of

    3. Subtract

    4. Subtract is a design firm, and the personal website of Thomas Drach. I use it to show work and collect resources to design and build digital products.

    5. I currently work as Product Design Lead for Mixpanel, and spend nights & weekends sharpening my product skills.

    6. If you'd like to collaborate, or talk about any of these ideas, don't hesitate to DM me on Twitter, or send an email.

    1. List of independent type foundries; plus type-centric goods.
    1. Financial support for local businesses during COVID-19.
    1. Help professionals understand COVID-19 more deeply, by texting your mood.

    Product Sparring

    1. Day-to-day, it's ardous to address the product from a high-level.
    2. Product Sparring Sessions are a good way to think through your product both blue-sky strategically, and tactically. Without taking the team out of execution mode.
    3. The word "sparring" is intentional. This is war against mediocrity and tastelessness.
    4. This includes a 30 minute intro call to gain context, followed by a 90 minute intensive remote session.
    5. Satisfaction Guaranteed
    6. $2,999

    Talk on AI & ML
    1. A talk I gave at JSConf about AI, and building a machine learning drum bot.
    Daily Blocks
    1. Every day has 24 hours! Plan your daily routine with time blocks.